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High quality battery modules assembled with top quality cells in cylindrical/prismatic or pouch formats tested for compatibility with proprietary BMS to guarantee total protection, safe operation and service longevity of battery pack.


  • Battery pack modules ranging from 48V to 240V with capacities ranging from 2 KWh to 40 KWh for a wide range of applications
  • IP67 compatible
  • Industry grade assembly
  • CAN communication enabled
  • For automotive applications, conforming to upcoming AIS-156 (replacing current AIS-048)
  • Facility for remote management/monitoring using Cellular/IoT leveraging Wifi/GPS connectivity
  • EMI protection
  • Thermal management protocols as relevant
  • Proprietary BMS to manage


  • Electric 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers
  • Motive power (traction forklifts, platform trucks and narrow aisle trucks)
  • Customized Utility vehicles