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Tighter emissions regulations, lower margins and more complex applications mean today's marine battery industry has three basic requirements: to be environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and safe International environmental regulations on NOX, SOX and CO2 emissions demand new battery designs for clean marine transport – commercial, passenger and leisure – that are high-performance and economical. High-tech marine batteries ensure the proper functioning of control boards and propulsion, including the full- or hybrid- electric architecture increasingly seen as a strong alternative to conventional propulsion.

A marine battery system can last for decades with careful specification and treatment. Selecting the right marine battery supplier will ensure a longer lifetime of reliable, autonomous service with high efficiency, fewer replacements and lower maintenance needs.

Advanced lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology offers interesting new possibilities for the creation of highly efficient and cost-effective marine propulsion and auxiliary systems. Li-ion technology is of particular interest for fully electric and hybrid propulsion systems, where the batteries work in conjunction with diesel, or possibly gas turbine, generators and electric motors. Its specific advantages will vary according to the type of application. For workboats such as harbor tugs, which spend most of their time at sea moving into position and only operate at full power for very short periods, hybrid power will significantly improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Rather than sizing a diesel engine for peak power, it can be specified at a more economical size for average power, with the extra power drawn from the batteries when required.

Nsure Energy will be working proactively with Navy, Indian Coast Guard, shipyards and OEMs in industrial programs worldwide to implement advanced technology for the design and manufacture of lightweight, lithium marine battery systems. By supplying fully integrated systems backed with extensive technical support to OEMs and end-users, Nsure Energy will go beyond the limits of conventional technologies to create powerful new possibilities. Nsure Energy is open to work with key partners in this growing and demanding market to provide Li-ion battery solutions for a variety of clean transportation modes.