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Nsure Energy offers standard military packs in multiple technologies and will customize solutions based on customer requirements.

Our lightweight, compact batteries are designed to deliver exceptional reliability and performance for military applications, from infantry communications, base camps and weapon systems to torpedoes, UAVs/UUVs, naval ships, aircraft and military vehicles.

Reliable, portable energy storage keeps soldiers connected, aware and safe. Proven quality and performance, including reduced total cost of ownership for vehicle and weapons systems, reduced weight, and increased power, ensure long-term relationships with military forces around the world.

In-house R&D

Our in-house R&D results in continuous innovation – advancing technology and improving design and performance to ensure our complex batteries can call on the most advanced and efficient electronics and software for power, safety and communicating battery data to the systems.

Customer-driven design

Each military program is unique with a different set of power and energy requirements. A combination of extensive program experience, electrochemical expertise, world class manufacturing, and close working relationships with our customers allows Saft the capability to design each energy storage system to handle the most stringent requirements.

High-energy systems offer a combination of power and energy for military battery applications that need the benefit of high rate charge and discharge with significant energy requirements.

  • Forward Operating Bases
  • Military Ground Vehicles
  • Underwater Vehicles

High-power systems are designed for military battery applications requiring longer operation times, combined with high power levels.

  • Weapons Systems
  • Navy Ships
  • Control Stations
  • Military Satellites

Very-high-power systems are offered for applications requiring either high discharge power, low temperature power or good regen capability.

  • Directed Energy Weapons
  • High Power Microwaves
  • Military Air