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NSUREing a greener tomorrow

Nsure Energy, vision is to broaden our technology spectrum by getting into Advance Chemistry Cells (ACC) and Renewable Energy integration space. Nsure Energy is in the process of establishing a full-fledged manufacturing facility for various new generation advanced cell chemistry variants and related technologies/products.

The initial Mission of this endeavour is focused on manufacture of high-quality Lithium-Ion cells involving multiple cell electro chemistries like LFP, NMC, LTO and others in varied cell formats like pouch, prism, and cylindrical versions for both the mobility and energy storage segments.

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  • Ultimate product safety & Energy sustainability
  • Responsible & environmentally conscious corporate citizen
  • Unmatched cycle life, RTE and LCO
  • Robust Technology, Design & Processes
  • State-of-Art Manufacturing Facilities & Capabilities
  • World class RD&E Facilities and Resources
  • High Discharge Performance and Greater Thermal stability
  • Customized e-solutions for all your needs
  • Your Trusted partner for Energy Transition

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