AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure Nsure

Nsure Reliable Power Solutions Private Limited personnel and associates posses research and development experience with a variety of energy related technologies.

Focus areas includes for successfull Implementation of Advance Metering Infrastructure:

  1. Smart meters
  2. Communication Modules (RF/GSM/GPRS/Wifi/Zigbee/PLCC)
  3. Communication Networks (Fiber Optic Communication, Fixed Radio Frequency or public networks)
  4. MDAS (Meter Data Acquisition System) - Software application installed on server, which acquired meter data through DCU(Data Collector unit) via communication networks.
  5. MDMS (Meter Data Management System) - Server System which receive meter data, store it into database and analyzes the meter information for further Generation of required reports as per the requirements.

Nsure Reliable Power Solutions Private Limited capabilities include both scoping and conduct of research projects as well as conduct of development projects targeted at specific energy related issues.

AMI Advanced Metering Infrastructure Nsure Nsure Reliable power solutions Pvt ltd

Key Objectives:

  1. To automate meter reading, data entry and push the billing data to billing software duly synchronizing it (avoid human interface in billing process, faster billing cycle, reduce errors).
  2. To automate connection/disconnection of electricity supply remotely.
  3. To enable real time energy auditing.
  4. To identify phase imbalance.
  5. Power outage management.
  6. To enable load management in real time.
  7. To introduce/implement Time of Use (TOU) tariffs for different categories of customers.
  8. To have visibility of loading on the power system which helps faster enhancement and prevention of failure/under-utilization of equipment.
  9. To use communication system for other smart grid applications such as Distribution Transformer Monitoring, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, Street light Automation and other smart city applications.